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Working in Ireland


Unless you are an EU national, as a student you will probably not be allowed to work in Ireland under any circumstances. If you believe your circumstances will allow you to work in Ireland, you should check with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment or the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform before making any arrangements.

Finding a Job

In the current economic climate, jobs of all levels are few and far between. Bars, restaurants and shops however are constantly looking for staff. If you want this kind of work, the best way to find a job is to go round the city Centre with CVs, looking for 'Vacancies' signs. One thing to note: if you take this route, do it in the afternoon or early morning mid-week when managers or staff will not be too busy to speak to you.

The Evening Herald newspaper has a job section each day, while other papers feature jobs on certain days. The Students' Union shop in House 6 in Trinity College sells Irish newspapers at a discounted rate.

The Students' Union Notice board in House 6 also has notices about job opportunities from time-to-time.

There are a number of recruitment websites and agencies in Ireland. JobSearch and Jobs in Ireland list several. The Students Union Job Vacancies Service is another useful resource. You can either browse through the listings in House 6 or register for their email service.

For those planning careers or seeking relevant experience, the Careers Advisory Service in College can help with guidance, information and resources.

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