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Student Insurance

Wherever you live, insurance is a good idea. As a student it can be difficult to get because many insurance policies depend on you owning your accommodation. This is the case with the main banks and insurance companies in Dublin.
You may be able to negotiate insurance cover with your insurance providers at home. Alternatively, extended travel insurance could cover your stay, depending on the insurance vendor.

Home Insurance

For those who purchase a home in Dublin, insurance is available from all the major banks and insurance companies.

Staff of Trinity College can avail of special competitive rates from two insurance companies, Coyle Hamilton (01 661 6211) and Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ireland (01 660 9703).

Health Insurance

As stated in the Health Emergencies section, only medical card holders, British and Northern Irish full-time students and EU students who have a valid E111, E109 or E128 form are entitled to free state healthcare. Those who do not fall within these criteria must have health insurance. Students applying for a student visa to Ireland will have to show evidence of private healthcare insurance before qualifying for the visa.

There are three main healthcare providers in Ireland, VHI (Voluntary Health Insurance), Quinn Healthcre and Vivas Health. All provide various healthcare plans that cover the cost of private or semi-private healthcare. The College operates a Group Scheme for both VHI and BUPA for staff. For details, contact the Staff Office.

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