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Cost of Living

Capital cities are always more expensive than average, and Dublin is no exception however there are some bargains to be found. The global economic downturn has meant that the cost of living in Dublin has stabilised making city life more affordable for all.

To help you can get a sense of the cost of living in Dublin compared to other European countries, we've listed the prices of a range of everyday products in Euros.

Item : Euro

  • Bread : 0.85-2.00
  • Chocolate Bar : 0.59-0.79
  • Cheddar Cheese (200g) : 1.54-3.49
  • Milk (2 litres) : 1.49-1.89
  • Eggs (Dozen) : 2.22-3.37
  • Can of Larger : 0.69-2.45
  • Bottle of Wine : 5.00+
  • Cigarettes (20) : 8.05
  • Newspaper (Irish daily) : 0.95-1.80

Note that, as anywhere, there are both cheap and expensive places to shop. We used a rough average as the basis for these prices however the 2008 national price survey declared Lidl as the cheapest supermarket. The survey also revealed that customers can cut grocery bills by more than half by shopping at discount stores.  Irelands price comparison website will help you find the products you want at the best prices.

Last updated 21 August 2009 by Dublin Life (Email).