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There are a number of telephone companies operating in Ireland, a list of which can be found at Details relating to operators and charges can be found through this link. For international calls there are a number of phone card and phone account companies which offer discounted international calls. These are usually far cheaper than some of the residential providers and are worth looking into. Phone-cards are available in most newsagents and local supermarkets.

When phoning Ireland, the international dialling code is +353. Dublin numbers have the code prefix 01. The 0 should be dropped when phoning from abroad. For example, 01 990 9000 becomes + 353 1 990 9000. Dialling internationally from Ireland, you need to dial 00 and then the country's international code.

For operator services within Ireland dial 114.  If you still can’t find the number of the person or business you wish to call, there are three numbers for directory enquiries in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These are 11850, 11811 or 11890. If the number you are looking for is abroad the directory enquiries numbers are 11818 or 11860.  For a list of rates see

Mobile Phones

There are four mobile phone operators in Ireland, Vodafone , O2 , 3 and Meteor . Each operator has a different prefix however cross-network capabilities have been introduced so that you can keep the same number-prefix when you change from one network to another. They all offer billed and pre-paid mobile phone packages and they all have different advantages.


The Irish post-office service is called An Post . The General Post Office is on O'Connell Street in the Centre of Dublin. There is also a post office on Andrew Street, just a few minutes walk from Trinity College.

Post-boxes are green in colour, and you are never far from one in the City Centre. Most post-boxes have a slot for Dublin mail and another for other locations. Make sure you put your mail in the right slot. There is also a post-box in the Front Arch of Trinity for external mail.

Stamps can be purchased from post offices and some shops. Newsagents do not, as a rule, sell stamps though there are exceptions. The Students' Union shop located in House 6 in Trinity College does sell stamps. In general, letters within Ireland are 55c and the UK are 82c. For anywhere else, you will need to check with the post-office.


As a Trinity student you are entitled to free internet access from the public computer rooms located around the campus.
Map of public access computer rooms.

If you need to access the internet outside of college hours there are many internet cafés situated in the city centre. Prices vary depending on the time of night but are generally €5 an hour.  All of the mobile phone operators offer billed and pre-paid mobile broadband services also.

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